framed house construction

Should You DIY?

Have you ever tackled any Do-It-Yourself projects? I bought a foreclosed house in 2011 and had never before done any sort of construction work on my own. But, thanks to YouTube and my new-found friends at Lowes, I was actually able to figure out quite a lot.


3 Great Ways to Bring the Tailgate Party Home

October is one of my favorite months of year for many reasons. From the cooling temperatures to the proximity of the holidays I really enjoy this month. Most importantly, I love October because the college football season is in full swing. I could watch football at any level and enjoy it as it is a […]

Save Money on Lawn Care

3 Simple Ways to Save Money on Your Lawn Care this Summer

It may be only mid-May, but the dogs days of summer are not far from us. That means a number of things, but what it means for us is working on in our yard. We have been homeowners for six years now (Geez, has it really been THAT long) and we have learned numerous ways […]

Save Money

3 Easy Ways to Save Money on Everyday Expenses

Having a family of five we’re always looking for ways on how we can save money on every day, common expenses. We like to be frugal in many areas so that we can spend money on other things we enjoy and ultimately that comes down to making hard choices about how we spend our money. While we have come up with a number of ways, the possibilities are really limitless in terms of saving money and ultimately come down to what you value and what kind of lifestyle you choose to live.