Carnival of Personal Finance #375 – The Denver Edition

Welcome to the 375th edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance. As we are less than a month away from the biggest event in financial blogging, FinCon12, and it will be in my hometown, Denver, Colorado, it seems only appropriate that I use this edition of the COPF to teach you a little bit about Denver.

Fact #1: The elevation of Denver is exactly 5280 feet. The steps at the capital were intentionally built to be exactly at that elevation, and a purple row of seats at Coors Field, home of the Colorado Rockies, marks the mile high elevation. This gives the city its nickname, “The Mile High City.”

Editor’s Picks

Emily at My Journey to Millions wrote an inspiring post on personal growth. Her post, Personal Growth Leads to Success, encourages us to do something every day to make ourselves better.

Ray at Squirrelers ponders whether not being on Facebook could harm your career. It is not something I had thought about before, but makes sense and could make you re-consider your anti-Facebook views.

Miranda wrote about how giving to charity can help your finances. We always think that having more money in the bank is the best way to go, but this post contains a good list of reasons why giving your money away can be helpful.

SB at One Cent at a Time helps us figure out if we can retire early. Many of us have the goal to retire early, but it is important to figure out exactly what you need to do to make it happen.

Fact #2: Denver was named for past Kansas territorial governor James Denver

Money Management and Investing

Neal Frankle from Wealth Pilgrim presents 9 Crucial Questions about Retirement People Forget To Ask, and says, “You probably have questions about your retirement no matter how young or old you are. I know it’s true because people at all stages of life write and ask me to clarify retirement issues all the time. What I find interesting is that while the questions they do ask are almost always good questions they often fail to ask the most important questions about retirement. As a result, I thought I’d put together the top 9 so you can make sure you have all your bases covered.”

TTMK from Tie the Money Knot presents 401k Accounts and Inheritances: Pay Careful Attention to the Rules, and says, “When it comes to leaving money for loved ones as an inheritance, of course we would expect our wished to be granted. However, that isn’t necessarily the case when it comes to 401k accounts. Pay careful attention to the rules!”

Justin from Saving Without A Budget presents Tips for Building a Personal Finance Strategy, and says, “Strategies to effectively deal with your money.”

Danielle from Budget SNOB presents Some Tips on Keeping Your Finances in Order, and says, “Find out new ways to enhance your financial management skills.”

D4L from Dividend Growth Stocks presents Warren Buffett’s Two Investing Rules For Dividend Investors, and says, “We all like things presented in their simplest terms. Headlines like “Two simple steps to lose that unwanted weight” always grabs our attention, even if it is just to smile and say I wish it were true. I enjoy reading inspiring quotes. They often put life’s issues in their simplest terms and in doses that are easy to swallow. From an investing perspective, some of my favorite quotes come from Warren Buffett…”

Nikita Goldovsky from Investing Daily presents What is a Dividend?, and says, “A primer on the benefits of investing in dividend-paying companies.”

Danielle from Money Mishaps presents Tips for the Young Investor, and says, “Learn how to save now for a comfortable future.”

Liana from Card Hub Blog presents Is Chase’s Liquid Prepaid Card the Check Cashing Killer?, and says, “Chase extends it’s mobile banking applications to its Liquid Prepaid Card holders and, in so doing, may a major competitive blow to check cashing stores. This new service to Chase’s prepaid cardholders gives the consumer a whole new set of money management tools.”

John from Wallet Blog presents Checking Accounts for Students & Seniors: Are They Worth It?, and says, “Are banks showing age preference to their customers, or is it just a way to get new account holders through the door? Age specific bank accounts may or may not be the best way to go.”

Miranda from Wallet Hub presents Financial Risk Tolerance, and says, “Investing; it’s all about risk, calculated or otherwise. But how much risk are you willing to take? How much do you really know about your own risk tolerance?”

J.P. from Novel Investor presents Risk Basics: Inflation Risk, and says, “A healthy amount of inflation is a good thing. That said, there are ways to protect your money when inflation risk rises.”

Drew from Objective Wealth presents What Rich Dad Poor Dad Taught Me, and says, “Identifying some of the more valuable ideas from Robert Kiyosaki’s best seller Rich Dad Poor Dad, despite what the detractors may say.”

Darwin from Darwin’s Money presents My Roth IRA: Beating the Market and a Look Under the Hood, and says, “Think it’s impossible to beat the market? It’s not; I’ve been doing it for 7 years as evidenced by this high yield portfolio. Take a look at how I structured my investments to beat the index in up or down markets.”

Darnell from Excess Return presents How to Minimize Investment Risk, and says, “The goal of every investor is to increase their investments through capital appreciation, or through compounded interest or dividend income. While there are many ways to invest, (Real Estate, Annuities, Money Markets etc.) this article will focus on investments in stocks and bonds.”

Dan from High Yield Edge presents Time to Sell Dividend Stocks?, and says, “A major publication is saying now is the time to sell dividend stocks. That myth is debunked here.”

Dan from ETF Base presents Best ETFs for a Romney-Ryan Republican Victory in 2012, and says, “Want to know which ETFs would be great investments if the Romney-Ryan ticket wins the election? Here are the investment themes that would benefit most now that Romney has chosen his running mate.”

Karl Marrion from WiseStockBuyer presents Individual Stocks or Mutual Funds, and says, “This can be a tough decision, but it’s an important one. The bigger your account, the more seriously you should consider individual stocks.”

Div Guy from The Dividend Guy Blog presents Quick Guide to Analyze Dividend Funds, and says, “How you can look at a dividend stock and determine what you should do next.”

Pierre from Intelligent Speculator presents Dot Com Bubble Bursting V2.0?, and says, “We share some thoughts on the market as it stands.”

Martin from Studenomics presents One Place Students Shouldn’t Spend Money Ever (and the solution), and says, “One area where students should always save money.”

Dividend Growth Investor from Dividend Growth Investor presents How to get dividend investment ideas, and says, “Some of the dividend paying companies in my portfolio are corporations, whose products I and millions of other consumers worldwide use on a daily basis. Here is a summary of how my daily routine provides me with dividend stock ideas for further research. The narrative is rather simplistic, but the point is that we are surrounded by investment ideas everywhere. Only after training ourselves to spot these opportunities, will investors be able to capitalize on them.”

Glen Craig from Free From Broke presents The Different Stock Market Sectors – Are You Taking Advantage?, and says, “Besides the vast number of stocks you can find there are also stock market sectors. See what the most common stock sectors are and how they can help you.”

Squeezer from Personal Finance Success presents Dividend basics and important dates to remember, and says, “Dividends are when companies pay shareholders (investors) for owning a portion of the company. Money must be invested by a specific date to earn the dividend.”

Fact #3: Denver is home to one of two United States Mint branches that makes coins for circulation

Budgeting and Frugality

I offer my post 4 Ways to Save on Drinks at Your Next Party. I recently moved out of an apartment and into a condo. For a single guy like me, that means one thing: More parties at my place! My condo is the unofficial pregame and party headquarters for half a dozen of my closest friends. I love entertaining, and now that I don’t have to worry about a landlord, it’s easier than ever. But it’s also costlier than ever.

Danielle from The New Business Blog presents Insight and Inspiration For Handling Your Personal Finances, and says, “Take control of your debt to get back on track with your finances.”

Edward Antrobus from Edward Antrobus presents Learn Frugality from the Poor, and says, “Who knows more about frugality than those who don’t have any money to spend frivolously? Learn frugality from the poor and get schooled.”

Jay from Money Saving Ethics presents Spending Tips to Help Save You Money, and says, “Save money while still spending.”

Nicole from Nicole and Maggie: Grumpy Rumblings of the Half Tenured presents Radish Top Soup: and other super frugal foods we no longer eat, and says, “Nicole and Maggie discuss things they ate back when they were poor but no longer eat these days. Even if doing so would save money.”

Jefferson from See Debt Run presents Four Great Uses for Savings Accounts, and says, “Savings accounts are useful for many reasons. If you are saving for a vacation or home renovation, they are the perfect venue. They are also the best place for an emergency fund.”

Annette O’Connor from CreditDonkey Tips for Young Adults presents Guide to Compound Interest, and says, “Should I save now or pay down my credit cards? Let’s explore the two sides to compound interest.”

Mrs. PoP from Planting Our Pennies presents When It Makes Cents To Pay More, and says, “Sometimes it makes financial sense (and cents!) to pay a little bit more. Check out some of the examples Mrs. PoP gives on paying more in their house and see if you can figure out when to pay more in your everyday life.”

Green Panda from Green Panda Treehouse presents Stop Spending and Start Saving Right Now!, and says, “Practical ways to start saving more money right now.”

Mike from Experiglot presents How to Budget For a Vacation, and says, “How you can plan financially for your next trip.”

Jason Price from One Money Design presents How Much Money Should The Tooth Fairy Pay?, and says, “How much do you think the tooth fairy should pay and how can you explain the difference in the amounts she leaves different households. This is never an easy conversation with your kids!”

Fact #4: The Denver Metro area has 2.6 million residents, making it the 21st largest city in the United States


Ray from Squirrelers presents Can Not Being on Facebook Cost You Money?, and says, “Many of us would think that having crazy pictures on Facebook might hurt the chances of job searchers. But what about the impact NOT having an account?”

Dan Meyers from Your Life Their Life presents 5 things I’d tell my teenage self about career selection, and says, “Living is always easier in hindsight, so what would you tell your teenage self about career selection?”

Mike from The Financial Blogger presents Become An Authority in 7 Lessons, and says, “We show you how to become an authority in your field.”


Money Walks from Money Walks presents Groupon Company Woes.

Chris Butterworth from 401k Limits presents 2013 IRA Maximum Contribution Limits Forecast, and says, “This article details my prediction for changes in the IRA and Roth IRA contribution limits next year based on movement in the Consumer Price Index.”

Roshawn Watson from Watson Inc presents Do Americans Know What Poverty Is?, and says, “Can you be poor with a flat screen HDTV and new smartphone?”

Fact #5: Denver was founded in 1858 in an area where gold was found. The first permanent structure was a saloon.

Real Estate

Jay from Daily Fuel Economy Tip presents Insuring your Rental Property.

Earth and Money presents How to Deal with a Bad Landlord, and says, “A bad landlord can turn a great living experience into a nightmare. Here are some strategies for dealing with bad landlords to save yourself some stress.”

FMF from Free Money Finance presents My Road to Becoming a Landlord, and says, “Over the past several months, a few events have conspired to make me consider investing in rental real estate. I thought you all might enjoy hearing about what has happened as well as my thinking along the way. And since there are at least a handful of FMF readers who are experienced real estate investors, I thought I might pick up a bit of useful advice as well.”

Credit and Debt

Money Thinker from Money Thinking presents Why Am I Denied for Credit.

Clint from Accumulating Money presents 10 Tips to Recovering from Bankruptcy, and says, “Recovering from bankruptcy is very possible if you have the discipline and determination to stay the course. Here are ten suggestions on how to bounce back from bankruptcy.”

Peter from Bible Money Matters presents Credit Sesame Mobile Android App Review: Check Your Credit Score for Free on the Go!, and says, “There are several ways to check your credit score for free right now, and one of my favorites is Credit Sesame. I wrote a review of Credit Sesame a while back where I gave several reasons why I like using their site. Now with the new Android credit score app from Credit Sesame, it’s easier than ever to stay on top of your credit score.”

Ray from Financial Highway presents Use Cash Back Credit Card to Improve Your Finances, and says, “Credit cards are an important tool in your financial arsenal, among many other things they can be great for cash flow management. Cash back credit cards also have the added benefit to help you put a few dollars back in your pocket.”

Amanda from My Dollar Plan presents Should You Lend Money to Friends and Family?, and says, “Lending money to friends and family is a slippery slope but it’s not always easy to say, ‘No.’”

Lance from Money Life & More presents Credit Score Deconstructed: The Components of Your Credit Score, and says, “Have you ever wondered what makes up your credit score? While it is unknown how FICO comes to your exact FICO score number they do disclose the major categories they consider and how much each category is weighted. Your credit score consists of five major components that are relatively easy to understand. If you can master these five categories your credit score should help you to receive the best interest rates on any debts you apply for.”

CCS from Credit Card Smarts presents Are Those Credit Card Rewards Worth It?, and says, “Who doesn’t like a credit card with generous rewards? But sometimes those credit card rewards may not be worth it. See when credit card rewards aren’t worth it.”

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