Adaptu Alternatives

One of my favorite money tracking tools, Adaptu, has closed its doors leaving us looking for other ideas on how to track our money. Here are a few top choices for savvy consumers to manage and track their money.

For those of you who don’t use an online personal finance tracking tool, you are missing out big. These tools are the cornerstone of my budgeting and tracking. They save me boatloads of time and are all 100% free. Here are the ones I am using today.

Personal Capital

My new favorite money site is Personal Capital. The site is focused primarily on investments, but it has great cash flow and transaction tracking tools as well. Like Adaptu and the other sites on this list, Personal Capital is 100% free.

I signed up for Personal Capital to give it a whirl, and found that I was overpaying on my mutual fund fees by quite a bit compared to some other options. I moved some investments around and will be saving hundreds of dollars every year going forward.

Thanks Personal Capital! Give it a try for free today.

Power Wallet

Power Wallet has all of the features of Adaptu with a more user friendly interface. It can be used for both income and expense tracking and you can have sub-budgets on specific spending categories.

Power Wallet also has great features to track bills in addition to account balances, transactions, and budgets.

The oldest popular option in the account aggregation space is It is a great site, but customer service has gone down significantly since it was acquired by Intuit. If your accounts are all working, the site has great features and a smooth interface. If not, you are on your own and they may not be fixed correctly.

Image by rocksee / flickr. Updated June, 2014 to remove Manilla, which has since closed.

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